Using pgBackRest with Ansible

In this post I go through remote backup/restore with pgBackRest and use ansible to install and configure pgBackRest. Before begin, I assume the following:

  • PostgreSQL and all its dependencies are installed (I explore the steps involved in configuring pgBackRest on a PostgreSQL v13.0).
  • There are two…

As we know code reviewing is important approach for the most development department. It helps to enhance the code quality, let you to see how the others write code and how they think…etc.

I share my experience over the past two years that noticed when I and my colleagues review each other’s code.


  • Code Level
  1. Start by taking an overview of the code, read the commit description if it…

Create slack-command to browse YouTube and deploy it using OpenShift … Have fun :)

Gopher is thinking…

Yes I’m lazy to go browser while working to open YouTube searching for something I need! Why just write a simple command on slack to do that? … yeah it’s not a bad idea for me… Here we will show how to do that.

You can find the source code…

I often take the remote working especially on the first day of any new tasks so, I’m glad that remote working (RW) exists even though I prefer to work with my colleagues side by side and face to face!

To make the RW is very productive, I would like to…

Bashayr Alabdullah

Hi, I’m SRE, Golang & Python Enthusiast! A bit of random things...🥑🎶 🎯🌻

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