Clean Code Series.

In general, we know as developers how much the some functions are useful. I’m not going to list the advantages of writing function or the situation needed in your code to implement function… The following are some helpful tips and definitions that are meant to write amazing functions 😎

Note** this post is the first series of Go: Clean Code.

How to write functions? Golang isn’t different from other languages rules and philosophy. So, here some points that we should consider when implement function.

  • Make it small: before years I was given a handover project from developer…

**Chapter 4 (Service Level Objective) and my friend Rana are inspired me to write this post!.**

There’s no way to know if your system is working well, if you have no way to measure service. That’s where site reliability engineering (SRE) comes in, which implements practices to measure the services and makes the system is reliable. So, to apply these practices we need to define service-level objectives (SLOs).


SLO is service level objective…so what?! Well, it’s numerical targets that agreed upon between stakeholders for system reliability. We know that often the dev team is under pressure to deliver the features…

Small Tips!

There are some practices that OpenShift Container Platform recommends to follow them. Here, guidelines that apply when creating container images if you use OpenShift Container Platform.


What does mean by beautiful Docker image?

Minimal size, Security and Performance.

Dockerfile Instructions

  • RUN

The RUN instruction executes commands in a new layer on top of the current image and then commits the results to be used in the next step. In Dockerfile, each instruction is a new layer; that means if you have instructions like this:

RUN pip install virtualenv 
RUN virtualenv /venv
RUN . /venv/bin/activate
RUN pip install setuptools -U

By action…

by giphy

OpenShift enabling external access from outside world to services by using concept Route. This article gives an overview of how the routes in OpenShift is designed.

Route Types
The routes can be either secured that provides the ability to use several types of transport layer security (TLS) termination to serve certificates to the client or unsecured in other hand, it doesn’t require a key nor certificates.

Using pgBackRest with Ansible

In this post I go through remote backup/restore with pgBackRest and use ansible to install and configure pgBackRest. Before begin, I assume the following:

  • PostgreSQL and all its dependencies are installed (I explore the steps involved in configuring pgBackRest on a PostgreSQL v13.0).
  • There are two servers for database, primary , standby with their cluster and the communication between them is enabled.
  • There is repository host (vm) to runs and stores backups.
  • Ansible is installed on control machine and can access to the servers (the playbooks are written using the ansible 2.5.1).

You can find ALL…

As we know code reviewing is important approach for the most development department. It helps to enhance the code quality, let you to see how the others write code and how they think…etc.

I share my experience over the past two years that noticed when I review the colleagues’ code and vice-versa.


  • Code Level
  1. Start by taking an overview of the code, read the commit description if it exists. It sometime called “Skimming and Scanning” which is techniques for quickly reading text (in our case reading code 😄).
  2. After you have understood the business behind the product, try to run and execute the code if it possible. This will provide to you a deep scenario look.
  3. Collect your…

Create slack-command to browse YouTube and deploy it using OpenShift … Have fun :)

Gopher is thinking…

Yes I’m lazy to go browser while working to open YouTube searching for something I need! Why just write a simple command on slack to do that? … yeah it’s not a bad idea for me… Here we will show how to do that.

You can find the source code here, also find all resources at the end

Build Go YouTube and Slack API

First of all we need to have an account on Google to be able use YouTube’s data API. Check the getting-started guides.

OpenShift Configuration

hint: find the yaml of OpenShift’s objects here.

create BuildConfig and…

I often take the remote working especially on the first day of any new tasks so, I’m glad that remote working (RW) exists even though I prefer to work with my colleagues side by side and face to face!

To make the RW is very productive, I would like to share small tips of my RW’s style.

Find your habits to start the day right

Either you like to wake-up early or late, drink a coffee or tea…etc. Don’t start your day with something you don’t like it! This will affect on you negatively, you will lose your motivation to…

This post shows how to insert the information from Django app to Elasticsearch using Django command. We assume the Elasticsearch and Kibana have been installed, if not please click here to install Elasticsearch and here for Kibana installation.

Setting up Django requirements

Install elasticsearch-py:

pip3 install elasticsearch

My project hierarchy:

All you need is Unity game engine and Android device.

If the Android Build Support component didn’t select during installation, go to unity hub > installs > click on three dots menu > add modules > select Android Build Support

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